8s Invitational

rookie invitational

2024 Tournament will be held between the dates of July 11th and July 21st, 2024.

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Entrance Fee: $550 per team plus one box of balls

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: The purpose of the Whalley 8's Invitational Tournament is to offer post-season developmental play to Little League age 7 and 8 year old players from all districts.

Playoff Schedule

Game # DateTimeFieldTeam 1 Team 2
137/20/202410;00 AMDiamond 6Langley 8 Selects (18) WinnerCoquitlam 7/8 Selects (10)
147/20/20241:00 PMDiamond 6Lynn Valley 8 Selects (5)Whalley 8 Selects (7) Winner
Final 157/21/202412:30 PMDiamond 6Langley 8 SelectsWhalley 8 Selects

Playoff Schedule

Game #DateTimeFieldTeam 1Team 2
137/20202410:15 AMDiamond 4Hastings 7/8 Selects (20) WinnerLittle Mountain 7/8 Selects (14)
147/20/20241:15 AMDiamond 4Coquitlam 7/8 Selects Yellow (19) WinnerTrout Lake 7/8 Selects (9)
Final 157/21/20241:00 PMDiamond 4Hastings 7/8 SelectsCoquitlam 7/8 Selects Yellow

Notes to consider:

- Games are not scored in Game Changer, Game Changer is only being used for standings display purposes.
- For this reason and privacy issues, family member requests will not be applied.
- The individual pool standings and schedule are for display purposes only and may be subject to entry errors.
- In case of discrepancies between individual pool schedules and official combined schedule with playoff round posted on link above, the latter will overrule the individual pool schedules
- Actual standings are determined by tournament directors based on scorebook review. In case of any discrepancies between website-displayed standings and tournament director standings, the latter will overrule the website standings.
- Actual schedules are the ones sent to team managers via email. In case of any discrepancy between schedules emailed to managers and those posted online, please refer to the emailed schedules.

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