Blastball Division

The Blastball division is a great place for boys and girls League Aged 4 to (are 4 years old on or before Aug. 31st, 2024) embark on their very first baseball adventure.

For many players, this marks the beginning of their team sports journey. Blastball serves as a friendly introduction to the fundamental basics of baseball, tailored specifically for our youngest athletes. With a focus on simplicity, there are no complex rules or umpires—just an emphasis on sharing and, most importantly, having a blast!

Our Blastball games are scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday morning each week, offering a perfect opportunity for your child to explore the joys of the game in a welcoming environment. We'd be thrilled to have you join us for a season filled with shared laughter and the excitement of newfound skills.

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About Whalley Little League

Whalley Little League exists to provide the youth of our community with an affordable opportunity to learn excellent baseball skills in a fun, healthy, environment and to develop the three attributes of Little League’s Motto: Character, Courage, and Loyalty; to also understand an individual’s contribution to a team, to value healthy competition, and to respect the game and all its participants. Our goal is that these values and attributes will extend in to the lives of our players beyond baseball.

It is our vision that we will continue to inspire pride in every player, parent, and volunteer for being part of a continuing tradition that has made us the most successful Little League in Canada since 1956.

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